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Jackson's Page 2 Pics

Now I'm a big boy - it's mid-September, and I'm almost 10 months old.

APB went to something called a Car Capital Celebration in August. When we got there, it started raining really hard - so Buck and I got to roll around on the road in the water - it was lots of fun! Mom said we were goofy. And there were kids there! I love kids!

The photo guy and I went for a walk - and I saw the Biggest Critter I've ever seen! They said it was a big doggie, but I've never, ever seen a doggie that big! So, I laid down and said "please don't eat me". Mom said I'm a wuss!!

September, and time for some more Big Boy pics. I don't know why mom keeps sticking me in front of the camera......

APB had their dog walk, and I got to go on TV and be the official SpokesDoggie! Everyone at the station was really nice to me, and one lady said I should get a heart transplant, 'cause I was too sweet to be sick. We didn't get any pictures of me being a STAR, but here I am at the dog walk.....I'm giving kisses to the lady from Invisible Fence.

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