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Jackson says - enough of that! On to the pics!!

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Hiya, I'm Jackson! And these are my pics of my life so far......

Here I am as a 'lil tiny puppy, about 10-11 weeks old. First, these nice ladies took me in a truck forever and ever and ever! They brought me up here, on a snowy night, with a bunch of other dogs. I was trying to act like a big brave boy, but it was kinda scary. Then, they took me out of my crate, and gave me to my foster mom. She hugged me, even though I didn't smell very good, and told me things were going to be a lot better now......she took me home, and gave me a bath, and bundled me up with some food and blankets all to myself! I was warm and dry, so I fell asleep!!

Here I am at my very first Pet Parade!! Lots of people petted me, and gave me cookies, and there were lots of kids to play with. I'm really not sure about this leash they put on me, though......

This is me with Callie. She's a schnauzer, like my best buddy Max. Callie and Tressa were with me on the loooong truck ride to my foster mom's house. Mom says Callie used to have puppies all the time, so I guess that's why she likes me!

This is me at the end of March, playing with Buck, another goldie treeber, and Max, my schnauzer buddy. It was one of the first nice warm sunny days of spring, and we had a LOT of fun!!!

Now it's May, and I went to Pet Parade again. This time, it was a Family Day at the mall where we have Pet Parade, and I love kids!! So I went to play, and get my ears scratched. I even tried really hard to sit BEFORE I jumped on people. (Sometimes I just got so excited I forgot....) So, my foster mom said I needed some new big boy pics!

Also in May, I got to go to a parade!!! I got to wear a handsome 'danner, and play with other dogs, and walk with a boy! I really, really like kids. We walked for a really long time, but I did really well, and smiled for all the people!

And July!! All of us went out to play on a beautiful summer day. Max and I are still best buddies. I like to wrestle with him, and he's teaching me to chase the squirrels and stare up in the tree at them. What fun!!! If you look really closely at the left picture, you can see the spot where the doctor at MSU shaved me for my echo.

Mom says she's gonna change my name to Monkey Boy - I've decided I really like climbing on top of things! That's a ~3ft high pile of patio bricks that I'm standing on, too. I also like to try to balance on top of the fence - for some reason, everyone always tells me to get DOWN! I just don't understand.

That's it for now. Thanks for looking at my page, and come back soon!! Mom says she'll update it more often, or at least try! (She spends too much time playing with me!)

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