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What is this place, you ask?

Simply put, a stopping ground. A meeting place, a spot to gather information and find some fun. The pages here contain information useful for dog owners, foster homes and rescuers, and stuff that's not useful....but life would be boring if everything were useful!

So, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and see what interests you.....

First Aid for fosters - Dog care and treatment info, and safe transport info
My first aid kit - What I keep on hand for minor problems
Dog Grooming - Goldens, schnauzers, and others
Canine Nutrition - Dog food comparisions, BARF links, and anything else I find
Training and Behavior - Sit, Spot, Sit!
Separation anxiety - Info and links on this canine disorder
Alternative medicine - Open your mind before opening this page!
Foster pups - Who's living at Lisa's house? Check here for a listing of APB's pets!
My Dogs - "Permanent residents"
The Rainbow Bridge - In memory of those who used to live here
Rescue Links - Michigan and national
Dog Central - Other general dog "stuff"

Non-Dog Related (yes, I do have other interests....)
Cancun!! - Vacation Pics from Cancun!
Puerto Vallarta! - Vacation pics, 2005
Quilt Stuff - Little bit 'o everything
Machine Embroidery - Links to freebies and "stuff"
Shopping! - Where all my $$ goes!
Kid Stuff - Home school sites, skateboarding, and misc.
Fan Fiction & "Stuff" - What's this? Take a look!

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